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The story behind the evolution of the Pavlova cake and other related dishes makes for interesting reading. There are many versions, and perhaps, conflicting claims also between Australia and New Zealand as to who got it first. But some known facts appear to be acceptable to all. The name ‘Pavlova’ comes from a Russian ballerina with the same name, who is said to have toured the region in the 1920’s and a chef baked a cake, especially in her honour. Many pavlova recipes might have been added to make similar desserts in the following years and one can find the sweet delicacies in both the countries. The dishes are particularly liked and consumed around the summer season, though they may be available throughout the year.

Some Significant Facts about the Recipe

The uniqueness of the pavlova recipes for cakes or other dishes is that they start with the white of the eggs and then add the other ingredients. In fact, some chefs advise that the yellow in each egg has to be carefully separated and then the whites mixed together and beaten; there must be no trace of the yellow. Another feature is that the authentic recipes are meringue based and other styles are not strictly the Pavlova genre. Another expert suggests that the dessert is best served a day after it is prepared, for best results while being tasted and enjoyed. Some basic rules need to be observed. Please see more for detail at HTTP://WWW.COUNTRYCHEF.COM.AU/CCRECIPE/PAVOLA-ROUNDS/.

Some Season’s Specialities Also Take Centre Stage

As the Christmas and New Year season looms, the excitement begins to build. Children and students look forward to their holidays and each has his/her favourite desserts to try out this season. Many new variations to the recipes are suggested and tried. People bake scones at their homes and many confectioners come up with some interesting products of their own.

Some Recipes You Can Try at Home

The holiday season also brings the urge to try out something new every year instead of picking up the food selections from the shelves at the supermarket. There are banana bread recipes, for example, which are quite easy to follow and since banana bread is consumed almost daily, it helps to you gain the expertise in making this delicacy at home.

Option to Buy Always Exists

Of course, you can also buy banana bread from different stores each time to know who makes the best of them all. There are stores which have their websites (try where they not only provide the complete list of ingredients required but the full recipes as well. The pavlova recipes can also be sourced from the site and those with a liking to experiment with interesting items of food can go on and innovate as well. There are a lot of forums online where you can share your ideas with others who have tried and tasted different recipes. It could be exciting for many to post their opinions and others would enjoy reading them.

Learning authentic recipes for different dishes and trying them out is a passion for many people. Some wish to make new desserts for their kids while others go out and buy desserts to celebrate an occasion.

Party Catering Tips from Experts

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Organizing a party or a big event is difficult on its own; when you incorporate catering the food, it becomes even more challenging. Food is the single most important aspect of any event. You can please your guests with a beautiful décor and concept, but when the food is bad they will remember it. And you would not want to be associated for hosting a party with bad food, right? You can hire a party catering Melbourne has (if you’re here in town) or prepare your own food – it is up to you. But these practical tips from experts will make organizing much easier.

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Crunch the Numbers

Always plan your party by the numbers. How many people are expected to attend the party? How much could you fit into the event venue? How many dishes would you like to serve? How much can you afford to pay for the party food and décor? You need to be able to specifically point out the numbers so you can have a specific idea on how much food to serve. This will guarantee that you do not run out of food to serve and that you can afford it.

Decide on the Menu Type

Just as you have many options for party catering Melbourne has to offer, you need to decide on a theme for the party. This theme will have a significant impact on the type of food to be served. This will not only make it easier to decide on what dishes to serve but also make it easier to prepare them. The time of day in which the party will be held in is also crucial. This will help you decide caterers that specialize in breakfast catering Melbourne services or lunch catering Melbourne has to offer. Just like the theme, the type of party catering will also determine what type of food you can serve your guests.

Build a Timeline

It is important to have an idea on what time the party will start and when it will end. Experts suggest building the timeline so you have an idea of the party flow. When you control the duration of the event, you can reduce the cost of the party significantly. For example, if you have an evening party and you have a cocktail bar, you can decide to open the bar for three hours only. This will enable you to control the amount of cocktail drinks served on the bar over that three-hour period.

Food Safety

One of the things that party hosts fail to consider when preparing food for a party is its storage and safety. You need to make sure that there are proper storage spaces available for the food you had prepared prior to serving them to the guests. This is true when you are going to serve chilled desserts. You want them to be served chilled to the guests, too. This is why it is important to work with professional function catering Melbourne has because they have the equipment needed to handle proper food storage. This will also help reduce spoilage and wastage of food items.

Take note of the above tips to make planning party easier and serve the best food to your guests. Moreover, you can hire professional party catering Melbourne has to offer to simplify your party planning efforts.

The Truth about Pork and its Health Benefits

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Pork is the most commonly consumed red meat all over the world, particularly in the eastern regions of Asia. Being high in protein and rich in many vitamins and minerals, lean pork is a delectable addition to a well-balanced diet. It makes for exceptional pork recipes, too.

Pork also contains varying amounts of good cholesterol, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. It is also the leading source of Thiamine, a type of vitamin B that helps build and repair nerves and muscles. You can find all the essential amino acids necessary for the growth and maintenance of our bodies in pork, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Selenium, Zinc, and Phosphorus, as well as Riboflavin and Potassium. For this reason, eating lean pork meat along with other types of meat is beneficial to our bodies, especially for people who want to build up or repair their muscles like body builders, recovering athletes and post-surgical patients.

Take delight on the taste and nutritional benefits of pork meat through various pork recipes. Here’s an easy, cheap yet super healthy recipe from Porc.Wales.

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Pork, Black Bean and Orange Salad

This recipe takes an hour for marinating and another hour for cooking. It can serve 4 to 6 people.


·         700g (1½lbs) Pork belly slices, rind and excess fat removed

·         30ml (2tbsp) Orange rindless marmalade

·         30ml (2tbsp) Soy sauce

·         45ml (3tbsp) Orange juice

·         60ml (4tbsp) Black bean sauce

·         2 Star anise

·         3 Chinese leaves, roughly shredded

·         ½ Little gem lettuce, roughly shredded

·         50g (2oz) Beansprouts

·         3 Spring onions, thinly sliced

·         Handful Fresh coriander leaves

·         1 Large orange, peel removed and cut into segments


1.       Preheat oven to Gas 5, 190ᵒC, 375ᵒF

2.       Mix together in a large bowl the marmalade, soy, orange juice, black bean sauce and star anise.

3.       Add the belly slices and coat in the juice. Cover and marinate in the fridge for about 1 hour.

4.       Remove the belly slices from the marinade and place in an oven pan, cover with foil and cook for about 50 – 60 minutes turning and basting occasionally.

5.       Allow belly to cool slightly and then cut into chunks.

6.       Serve on a bed of Chinese leaf, lettuce, beansprouts, spring onions, fresh coriander leaves and orange segments. Serve drizzled with the warm cooking juices.

Porc.Wales takes a great deal of pride not only in crafting scrumptious pork recipes, but also by being the new home for specialist farmers, artisan producers and master butchers of pork in Wales. Showered with experience handed down over many generations, Welsh farmers do a million of things differently. They apply their farming methods according to the season so that their pigs can get the right amount care and attention they need all throughout the year. Also, with their small-scale and specialised farms, pigs are properly reared in small herds, building a happier and safer environment for animals.

The climate and landscape in Wales offer a natural environment to produce high quality pork – perfect for all pork recipes. From free range pork to sow-stall free pork and even to the best pork for roasting, Porc.Wales got the right pork for your needs. Visit their website at